Custom picture framing is an important and enduring role in any home or office decorating. One reason is that framing is an affordable way to create a completely unique handmade design. One that reflects your individual taste and personality. No one else will have the same custom framing. By definition, a custom frame is one-of-a-kind; designed with you and for you alone; something that helps express who you are.

Custom framing is a lasting investment. A well-made custom frame that purchased today will look as good as new twenty or thirty years from now.

Whether you have valuable artwork, sports memorabilia, irreplaceable mementos or documents, custom framing is the best way to both enjoy and protect them.

Christie's custom framers are skilled professionals who bring out the best in any piece. We are knowledgeable about the elements that contribute to any good design (size, proportion, balance, color, texture, style) and bring this expertise to your custom framing project.

Because there is so much choice in custom framing, our customers depend on us for advice and guidance. We take this trust very seriously. We work with you to realize your vision. The more you know about framing the easier this collaboration becomes.