Custom Framing

The following is a brief explanation of some of the elements involved in producing a great Christie's custom frame.

1.Moulding/Frame: Hundreds of profile shapes, styles and colors are available. We will help you select a moulding that will best complement the artwork.

2. Fillet: A fillet is a thin accent strip used on the inside edge of the mat or frame. Fillets are designed to complement the main moulding and add a distinctive touch to your finished piece.

3. Mat Boards: Mats are the key element in a framing design. They serve to not only enhance the colors of a picture but, they also serve to help protect it. Mats help to elevate the glass off the picture and to create an air space. This space prevents any condensation (moisture) that may collect on the glass from touching the picture. This space also allows the inks or paints used in the picture to breath and vaporize. At Christie's we recommend using Museum Quality Acid Free Mat Boards. Acid free mats reduce the oxidation and yellowing which can greatly reduce both the value and the aesthetics of the piece.

4. Mounting/Backing: The mounting of artwork is very important. There are many techniques used from conservation methods to permanent mounting. An additional backing board is placed behind the mounting for added support.

5. Artwork: We have expertise to care for any type of artwork or object. Artwork, needlepoint, Christening dresses, masks, sports memorabilia, prints, etc.

6. Glass & Plexiglas: Glass is an important part of framing. It serves to protect the artwork from the environment and it provides a support. We only use high quality glass and recommend using conservation glass. Glass comes in many different types. Clear glass is the most popular because it gives the most clarity. However, when used over a dark picture or with black mats, there is a strong noticeable reflection. Therefore, a Non-Glare glass is available which has an acid etched outer surface to defuse the light. Our personal favorite at Christie's is Anti-Reflective glass. This type of glass has an optical coating and provides a clear image with no reflection resulting in an inviable appearance. Plexiglas is known for being non-breakable and light weight. Is also comes as clear, non-glare and with U.V. protection. Its only draw back is that it will scratch easily if not properly cleaned and cared for. However, it is recommended for large oversize framings or for kids rooms.